At Outsite we have many fun and challenging committees. We are of course always looking for new committeemembers, so be sure to check out the various committees we have below. Who knows, you might get to organise a fun activity this year!

OUT of Mind
OWee Committee


The Coming Out Day (COD) Committee organises the most colourful day of the year: Coming Out Day! This day, which is celebrated every year on the 11th of October, is so much more than an opportunity to come out of the closet. It is a day of raising awareness, creating visibility and of course: celebration. You are given a lot of freedom (and budget) to organise something in this context. In the past years, the COD committee has organised activities ranging from big parties with live music to (pride) parades and poster expositions. Often, multiple activities are even combined to form a complete day of outness joy. Outsite plays a big role in these festivities of course but the committee also makes sure that the general and student population of Delft are being involved as much as possible. Happy coming out day!