Outsite member for 4 year
Hey! I am Andreas and I have been a member of Outsite for about 4 years now. I was dragged in by my boyfriend who was already a member for a year. I joined the Introduction Group (KMG) and became part of a group of new people. We met for a few weeks before drinks on Thursday evenings. The first time I went I was very scared because I didn’t know anyone yet, but soon I realized it was a good decision! Through the KMG I got to know both new and old members and quickly felt at home at Outsite. After the KMG joined a few committees that organize both small activities and big parties. I think that over the past years I must have been part of every committee there is since I really enjoy helping out and thinking of fun activities. My favourite committee so far would be KMG parent.
Outsite member for 1 year
Hello you, my name is Courtney. I'm 24 years old and I joined Outsite last year. One of the great things for me about this society is that I can be myself and feel and also be accepted. The part of getting to know others and have a great time is just great and puts a smile on my face every time I'm able to hang out (online and in person). We do a big variety of events over the year and because I like organising stuff I was able to help and show my creativity. One weekly event I love is our get together called 'Eating-Out'. Which means cooking for a group of members and than enjoying dinner together and just hang out.
Outsite member for 2 year
Heeyhey, my name is Dante. I came to Outsite during the OWee. I then did the introductory group and immediately made nice friends. Afterwards I often had a drink on the barevenings on Thursday, with the motto "not because I have to but because I can". I really like that there is a relaxed atmosphere at Outsite. I feel very comfortable in that gay vibe and I am at Outsite at least once a week now. Besides the regular drinks, I really like the trips to prides, parties and sister associations because you often experience the strangest adventures. We also have activities with the Gender Blenders, and cozy games nights, but it is actually too much to mention. The conclusion is that I really love these people and the association <3
Outsite member for 3 year
Hi! I am Femke and I am in my mid twenties. When I first stepped into Outsite for my very first introductory night, I assumed I would never come back after that. I was anxious and afraid I would feel like an outsider. That first night was so different from what I had imagined! I felt at home and everyone was so nice and understanding. Now we are almost three years further and Outsite has a special place in my heart. With great pleasure I now guide the introductory groups with another mom and two dads, I am a bar buddy and I organize special activities for the girls from Outsite. Outsite has made me the opposite of how I felt, now I am a real Outsider (but with a Capital)!
Outsite member for 2 year
Heyyy its Matthew, Outsite’s official camp fashion queen. I am in my mid-twenties, coming all the way from Palestine to do my Masters in Microelectronics. When I am not doing schoolwork or seeking attention, I spend my time exercising, reading, watching TV shows and playing all sorts of video and boardgames. Did you just join TU and want to meet the gays? Well come to Outsite where we gather every Thursday to wind down, take sips of some hot tea, and find cures for homophobia. If you feel very attacked coming into a new place all alone, ask for Matthew by the bar. I’ll keep you company, show you the ins and outs of Outsite, and introduce you to the gays.
Outsite member for 1 year
Heyhey! When I lived in Groningen and went to Ganymedes (The Groninger version of Outsite so to say) I liked it right away. I was also introduced to Outsite via the joined activities that the different LGBT associations have. So when I moved to Delft for my master I immediately joined Outsite as well. With the Kennismakingsgroep (introduction groups) I got to meet lots of other members, and I got to join the Outsite band as well. I also like to eat and cook with the Tuesday dinner and I volunteer behind the bar. The best things about Outsite are that it is a mixup of very different people, but everyone still fits well together, and that it’s a place where you can do and discover new things (Until half a year ago I have never worked behind a bar, so that was definitely new to me).
Outsite member for 2 year
When I decided to join Outsite, I didn't know very much about the association itself or what to expect. Through social media I got the idea that it was very nice, but I had no idea what the association stands for. I am a member of this association for almost 2 years now and it has been one of the best choices ever for me! Through the KMG I got to know people I now consider to be family and through committee work I have been able to organize some very cool activities for the OWee and Coming Out day. Whether it's watching RuPaul's Drag Race, eating Heksn’kaasTM or going crazy on a fantastic OUTnight, Outsite is a place where I feel completely at home.